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Video 4 Tapes:

* Battle for Gold (build-up to the 1988 Olympia) (Haney, Gaspari, Strydom, Bannout, Paris, Kawak, Freitas, Christian, Demey, Vic Richards)

* The Challengers (build-up to the 1986 Olympia) (Platz, Gaspari, Paris, Beckles,

Richards, Christian, Luiz Freitas, Carla Temple)

* Superstars of Muscle (build-up to the 1990 Olympia) (Christian, Quinn, Bannout,

Demey, Benaziza, Benfatto, Munzer, Sergio Oliva, Serge Nubret)

* Schwarzenegger -Superstars of Muscle (Haney, Platz, Christian, Oliva, Platz, Gaspari, Strydom, Paris, Mike Quinn, Bannout)

* Road to the 1984 Olympia (Platz, Paris, Haney, Dickerson, Bannout, Beckles, Ferrigno)

* Bodybuilding Stars of the 80's (Haney, Platz, Gaspari, Dickerson, Paris, Bannout,

Strydom, Christian, Beckles, Vic Richards)

* The Olympians (Strydom, Demey, Ellen Van Maris, Juliette Bergman, and highlights of the 87 Night of Champions)

* Mr. Olympia’s:

* 1975

* 1977

* 1978

* 1979

* 1980

* 1981 - RARE!!!

* “Body by Garrett”-(Documentary on the 1981 Mr. Olympia)-RARE!

* 1982

* 1982 Pre-judging

* 1983

* 1984- official tape

* 1984- NBC version with Zane commentating

* 1985- Official tape

* 1985- ESPN version with backstage interviews by Rick Wayne. Hosted by Chris Dickerson)

* 1986- Official tape

* 1986- ESPN version hosted by Chris Dickerson.

* 1987- official tape

* 1987- NBC version hosted by Chris Dickerson

* 1988

* 1989

* 1990- official tape

* 1990- ESPN version hosted by Frank Zane

* 1991 (Haney breaks Arnold’s record and beats Yates)

* 1992 (Lou Ferrigno’s comeback show)

* “The Making of the 1992 Mr. Olympia” (documentary –interviews, pump-up room)

* 1992 Olympia special with profiles on Yates, Ray, Pastel, Labrada, Levrone, Taylor, Ferrigno, Cotrell, Schmidt, Momo- various footage from different years on

each guy)

* 1993(Ferrigno and Flex Wheeler makes his Olympia debut)

* 1994 ESPN version hosted by Zane ( includes special presentation with every Mr. Olympia winner onstage at once! Also includes pre-judging)

* 1994 Master’s Olympia ( Ferrigno, Robby, Coe, Corney, Dickerson, Padilla, Grant. Ferrigno claims he “was robbed” in backstage interview)

* 1995- ESPN version hosted by Zane

* 1998

* 1999

* Ironman Pro: 1990, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96, 97

* Arnold Classic: 1989, 90, 91,92,93,94, 95, 97, 98

* 1983 IFBB Swedish Grand Prix ( Makkawy,Haney, Fox, Bannout,Wilcosz, Beckles )

* 1984 Pro World Championships ( Beckles, Deferro, Fox)

* 1986 Pro World (ESPN) (Gaspari, Paris, Terilli, Hawk, Christian, Kawak, Pearson)

* 1987 Night of the Champions (ESPN) (Bob Paris is host and commentator)

* 1987 Night of Champions- official tape (lots of interviews and backstage stuff)

* 1987 German Grand Prix ( Haney, Gaspari, Christian, Paris, Demey, Robby, Labrada. Includes guest posers Anja Langer, Juliette Bergman and Ellen Van Maris)

* 1988 Pro World Championships (Christian, Robby, Quinn, Buchanon)

* 1988 US Pro Grand Prix (Christian, Buchanan, Robby, Quinn)

* 1989 Finnish Grand Prix ( Christian, Momo, Phill Hill, Bannout, Labrada, Vince Taylor)

* 1989 Pro World (Paris, Robby Robinson, Strydom, Beckles, Fox, John Brown)

* 1989 European Pro Cup (Strydom, Christian, Paris, Benfatto, Momo)

* 1992 German Grand Prix (Clairmont, Momo Benaziza, Samir Bannout, Milos Sarcev, Porter Cotrell, Levrone, Sonny Schmidt, Pastel)

* 1993 English Grand Prix ( Yates is guest poser! – Sonny Schmidt, Flex Wheeler, Levrone, Charles Clairmont, Milos Sarcev, )

* 1991 and 92 WBF Championships (Vince McMahon’s league)

* 1983 NPC Nationals- RARE! (Bob Paris, Matt Mendenhall, Rory Leidelmeyer, Gaspari, Mike Christian, Chuck Williams, Moses Moldonado, Charles Glass)

* 1984 NPC Nationals- RARE! (Christian, Gaspari, Matt Mendenhall, Labrada, Rory Leidelmeyer, John Hnatyschak)

* 1985 NPC Nationals- Finals (Labrada, Phil Williams, J.J Marsh, John Aranita. Rachel Mclish guest poses! )

* 1985 NPC Jr. Nationals- Finals ( Shawn Ray, Eddie Robinson, Ron Love)

*1986 NPC Nationals- Finals (Strydom, Mendenhall, Pat Lanzillo, Rory Leidelmeyer, Troy Zucolotto, Tom Terwilliger, Mike Ashley, Franco Santoriello, Shane Dimora)

*1987 NPC Nationals- (Shawn Ray, Vince Taylor, Phil Hill, Zucolotto, James Demelo, Vince Comerford, JJ Marsh)

* 1988 NPC Nationals Finals ( Vince Taylor, Franco Santoriello, Eddie Robinson)

* 1989 NPC Nationals ( Troy Zuccolotto, Santoriello, Flex Wheeler, Cottrell)

* 1990 NPC Nationals Finals

* 1991 NPC Nationals pre-judging (Mendenhall, Levrone, Wheeler, Ronnie Coleman, Paul Demayo)

* 1991 NPC Nationals Finals ( mendenhall, Levrone, Wheeler, Coleman)

* 1992 NPC Nationals Finals

* 1995 NPC Nationals Finals ( Don Long, Tom Prince, Danny Hester, Jason Arntz, Vince Galanti, Edgar Fletcher, Rod Ketchens)

* 1988 North American Championships ( Nimrod King, Troy Zucolotto)

* 1990 North American Championships

* 1985 NPC Men’s USA Pre-judging

* 1985 NPC Men’s USA Finals (Mendenhall, Dave Hawk, Sean Jenkins, Rich Baldwin)

* 1987 NPC Men’s USA (Mike Quinn, Jim Quinn, John Aranita, Rory Leidelmeyer)

* 1988 NPC Men’s USA (Troy Zuccolotto, John Defendis, Franco Santoriello)

* 1989 NPC Men’s USA (Santoriello, Eddie Robinson, Aron Baker, Bob Cicerillo)

* 1991 NPC Men’s USA- ESPN

* 1992 NPC Men’s USA- ESPN

* 1994 NPC Men’s USA

* 1995 NPC Men’s USA

* 1983 Amateur World Championships ( Paris, Demey, Charles Glass, Chuck Williams. Rachel Mclish guest poses!)

* 1984 Amateur World Championships ( Christian, Demey, Gaspari, Hnatyschak)

* 1985 Amateur World Championships ( Labrada, Phil Williams, Benfatto, Ron Love,)

* 1986 Amateur World Championships ( Mike Ashley, Benfatto, Moeller, Guillaume)

* 1987 Amateur World Championships (Benaziza, Luiz Freitaz, Munzer, Benfatto)

* 1988 Amateur World Championships (Renel Janvier, Pavel Jablonicky, Munzer)

* 1970 & 71 NABBA Mr. Universe contests ( Arnold, Park, Oliva, Pearl, Zane, Dickerson, Columbu)

* 1983 NABBA Mr. Universe ( Jeff King, John Brown, Peter Andreas, Mike Sable)

* 1983 AAU Mr. America ( Jeff King, JJ Marsh)

* 1984 NABBA Mr. Universe- Amateur and Pro (Brian Buchanon, Mike Quinn, Joe Meeko, Tim Belknap, Lance Dreher, Eduardo Kawak, Roy Duval)

* 1984 AAU Mr. and Ms. America ( Joe Meeko, Mike Quinn, Glen Knerr)

* 1986 AAU Mr. Universe (Quincy Roberts, Marlon Darton, Doug Brignole)

* 1986 AAU Mr. America ( Phil Hill, Glen Knerr, Vince Comerford, Jerry Scalesse, Marlon Darton, Keith Whitley, Casey Kucharyk

* 1989 California State Championships ( Flex Wheeler)

*Tapes made by Video Action :

Muscle Video Journal (MVJ)-

#6- Rare releases from 1985- 2 hrs. Mainly amateurs.

#7(1985) 2 hrs.

Rich Gaspari guest posing at the 1983 New Jersey Classic

Highlights of 1984 IFBB Amateur World Championships

Posing by Kay Baxter, Donna Oliviera, Gladys Portugues

1984 Eastern America Championships- teens, mens, womens

Mike Ashley profile

Leon Brown

Pat Lanzillo

# 9 ( 1986)- 1 hour

Sean Jenkins profile

Cory Everson guest posing

1985 Jr. Nationals coverage

Mike Quinn chest workout

1985 Eastern Metropolis Championships

Tom Terwilliger

Discussion on steroids with Mike Christian, Matt Mendenhall, Bob Paris, Steeve Reeves and others

Rachel Mclish and Bev Francis throw a pie in Rick Wayne’s face!

#10 (1986) 1 hour

Andreas Cahling profile

Shawn Ray profile

1985 NPC Men’s USA coverage- Includes pump room and backstage interviews

Jerry Kindela profile

Bob Paris profile- interview, training, posing

Lee Haney guest posing

Steeve Reeves interview

Nicole Bass profile

#11- 1986- 1 hour

guest posings, competiton posing, interviews and training with the following:

Mike Christian

Scott Wilson

John Brown

Bev Francis

Chris Dickerson

Rich Gaspari

Bill Grant

#12-1986 1 hour

1986 Mens and Womens NPC USA coverage

1985 NPC Men’s Nationals coverage

1986 Ms. International coverage

Dave Hawk profile

Shane Dimora profile

#13- 1986 – 1 hour

1986 IFBB Men’s Pro World coverage including pre judging highlights, pump room footage and the after party in a nightclub. Watch Arnold S. party on the dance floor!

John Terelli- training and posing

Gary Strydom- training and posing

Venice Gold’s Gym tour with Rick Valente

Guest posing with Cory Everson and Lee Haney

Jeff Sneed profile

Joe Grossi profile

1986 USA Couples Championships (Laura Creavalle, JJ Marsh, James and Cathy Demelo)

#14 (1987) 1 hour

1986 NPC men’s Nationals coverage with pump room footage and backstage interviews ( Mendenhall, Strydom, etc.)

Bodybuilding Expo #7 from Disneyland (Cory Everson guest poses)

Mike Ashley training

Rory Leidelmeyer profile

Mike Quinn arm training

Tom terwilliger profile

#15 (1987) 1 hour

1987 NPC New Jersey- Teens and Men’s

Shane Dimora profile

James and Kim Demelo

Tom Terwilliger trains legs

Bob Cicherillo profile

Bill Reynolds profile

1987 NPC Teen Nationals

#17 – 1 hour

Jim Quinn profile

John Aranita trains legs

Luiz Freitas at World Gym Venice

Chris Cormier as a teen

1987 NPC Men’s Nationals coverage

Vince Comerford trains biceps

Shawn Ray trains chest

#18 – 1 hour

Eddie Robinson

Franco Santoriello

Arne List

Stoney Grimes

1987 NPC Men’s USA coverage

#37 ( Mike Francois, Roger Stewart)

Video Action- Best of 1985- 75 min.

1985 NPC Jr. Nationals coverage

1985 NPC Men’s USA coverage

1984 USA vs. Canada Challenge

1985 Night of the Champions coverage –RARE!

Mike Ashley profile

Pat lanzillo profile

John Hnatyshak profile

Kay Baxter, Mary Roberts, Carla Dunlap and Gaspari guest posing

Highlights of MVJ # 6,7 and 8

Video Action- Best of 1986- 1 hour

IFBB Ms. International coverage- Bev Francis, Juliette Bergman

IFBB Men’s Pro World coverage

1985 NPC Jr. Nationals coverage ( Eddie Robinson, Shawn Ray)

Sean Jenkins profile

Mike Quinn chest workout

NPC New Jersey Classic

N.Y. City Metropolitan Championships –Men’s and Women’s

Video Action- Best of 1987- 2 hrs.

1987 Collegiate Championships, Teen Nationals, Jr. Nationals, NPC men’s USA and NPC Men’s Nationals.

* Best Musclemen 1989

* Best Musclemen 1990

Training Videos:

* “Shape Up with Arnold” – 1982 Workout video starring Arnold and Rachel Mclish)

* Sergio Oliva workout- from his 1984 comeback. RARE!

* Robby Robinson and Rick Valente workout(real hardcore workout!)

* Flex Wheeler Hard body Workout (1993)

* Flex Wheeler-“ Mass Construction “ workout

* Flex Wheeler- “Pure Resistance”

* Lee Haney Mr. Olympia Workout (1988)

* Lou Ferrigno Bicep workout - 1993 ( features lots of great old footage of Lou)

* Ronnie Coleman Workout

* Ronnie Coleman Workout #2- “The Unbelievable”

* Charles Clairmont training/posing video

* Brutal Fox # 1 (Bertil Fox training video)

* Brutal Fox #2(Bertil Fox training video)

* Blood and Guts- Dorian Yates training video

* Battle for the Olympia- 1996, 1997, 98, 99, 2001

* Battle for the Olympia 2002(5 hours and 20 minutes)

* Mike and Ray Mentzer in the gym (late 1970’s training session)

* “A Look at High Intensity Bodybuilding” (Mentzer training video from 1981)

* Tom Platz and Leo Costa Jr. full body workout produced by Optimum Training Systems. 3 Tape set. (This is a serious hardcore training tape. Lots of screaming and some harsh language)

Part 1: Chest, Hamstrings and Calves

Part 2: Arms and Quads

Part 3: Back and Shoulders

* Pro Muscle Training Camp 1986(training and seminars with Platz, Bill Grant, Donna Oliveri and Carla Dunlap. Platz is HUGE and trains legs!)

* Jusup Wilkosz workout ( trains with Ed Corney and Al Beckles)

* Mike Christian “Iron Warrior” workout video

* Lee Labrada- “Mass with Class” training video

* Lee Labrada- “I Want to Pump You Up” training video

* Shawn Ray- “To the Extreme”

* Shawn Ray- “The Final Countdown”

* Shawn Ray- “Inside and Out”

* Shawn Ray- “Lifestyles of the Fit and Famous”

* Bill Pearl’s – “Keys to Weight Training”

* Mike Quinn Upper body Workout

* Lee Haney Power Arm Workout

* Lee Haney Massive Chest Workout

* Lee Haney Explosive Leg Workout

* Berry Demey- “Flexing Dutchman” video

* Rich Gaspari - “New Age Muscle”- Chest and Legs

* Rich Gaspari- “New Age Muscle”- Arms and Abs

* Rich Gaspari- “New Age Muscle”- Back and Shoulders

* Larry Scott- Four video set of all of his training secrets

* Joe DeAngelis Mr. America workout system

* Muscle Mag International Video magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 from 1992 ( Marjo Selin, Roger Stewart, Lee Apperson, Craig Titus, Contest coverage of the Arnold Classic, Ironman and Pittsburgh Pro, Vince Gironda training tips, John Parrillo, Dave Fisher/Sue Price)

* Muscle Mag International Video magazine Vol. 1 No. 2 ( Muscle &Fitness bodybuilding Camp, Darryl Thornton, Heather Tristany, 1992 Jr. USA and USA contest reports, Monica Sweetzer)

* Powerlifter Video Magazine #2 (Tom Platz squat workout)

* Mike O’Hearn Workout Video #1 (featuring Francis Benfatto)

* Mike O’Hearn Workout Video #2(featuring Craig Titus)

* Paul Jean Guillame Workout

* Eddie Robinson training video

* Dorian Yates back workout (from a Canadian gym in 1996)

* Ian King training tapes- Squat, Dead lift and Bench Press

* Ian King’s Killer Leg Exercises For Building Maximum Mass and Strength

* “Serge Nubret... Forever” (training tape)

* Lance Dreher Arm workout

* Lance Dreher Chest workout

* Lance Dreher Shoulder workout

* Lance Dreher Legs, calves and abs workout

* Lance Dreher Back workout

* Danny Padilla- “Building a Mr. Universe Back” (1982)

* Danny Padilla posing session in 1982 (1 hour)

* Danny Padilla- Shoulder and Arm training (1982)

* Danny Padilla – Chest training video (1982)

* Power and Strength 1995 ( Bill Kazmair, Tom Platz, Manfred Hoberel)

* Milos Sarcev- “True Bodybuilding” workout

* Vince Taylor- “ Getting Pumped”

* Kevin Levrone- “Full Blown” training video

* Kevin Levrone- “Maryland Muscle Machine” training video

* Francois Muse training video

* Michael Yessis training video

*FIBO’S (European Fitness Expo):

1986 (John Brown, Pearson, Hensel, Moeller, Wilkosz, Alfred Neugebauer, Serge

Nubret, Berry Demey, Carla Dunlap, Anja Langer)

1987 ( Tom Platz, Charles Clairmont, Anja Langer, Juliette Bergman, Olev Anus, Ed Kawak, Serge Nubret looking awesome!, Jerry Scalessa, Rich Berretta, Jeff King at the 1988 NABBA Pro Universe)

1988 ( Haney, Christian, Labrada, Cory Everson, Gary Strydom, Anja Langer, Peter Hensel)

1989-(Strydom , Shawn Ray, Phil Hill, Beckles, Bannout, Mike Quinn, Buchanan, Robby, Bob Paris, Fox, Gaspari, Christian, Anja Langer, Juliette Bergman)

1990-(John Brown, Munzer, Ashley, Gaspari, Pearson, Valente, Christian, Achim Albrecht, Strydom, Pavel Jablonicky, Tonya Knight, Juliette Bergman)

1991- (Paris, Ray, Christian, Demey, Benfatto, Gaspari, Benaziza, Lenda Murray, Bev Francis, Jackie Paisley)

1992-(Dorian Yates, Lenda Murray, Rick Valente, Mike Ashley, Sharon Bruneau, Lenda Murray, Anja Schreiner, Shelly Beattie)

1994- (Cormier, Wheeler, Dillet, Victor Richards, Yates, Lou Ferrigno, Kevin Levrone, Marla Duncan, Amy Fadhli, Juliette Bergman, Manfred Hobrel)

1995-(Christian, Demayo, Cormier, Platz, Wheeler, Dillet, Yates, Clairmont, Munzer, Demey)

Posing and documentary Videos:

* Pumping Iron- 25 year anniversary special with rare out-takes (Cinemax)

* Pumping Iron – original version

* Pumping Iron 2- The Women

* The Comeback- ( covers Arnold’s comeback for the 1980 Mr. Olympia)

* “Stand Tall” - Documentary about Lou Ferrigno’s comeback to competitive bodybuilding after 19 years. Also features Boyer Coe.

* Arnold- The Early Years- Rare footage from his early Olympia’s, guest posings, etc.

* “Arnold and Friends” ( Haney, Pearson, Strydom, Moeller, Thierry Pastel, Phil Hill, J. Brown, Gaspari, Valente, Wilkosz, Kawak)

* Bob Paris and Lance Dreher posing (GMV)

* Muscle Legends of the 1950’s- ( Clancy Ross, Vince Gironda, Reg Park, Steve Reeves and others)

* “Greatest Bodybuilders”- Discovery Channel documentary featuring Chris Cormier and Flex Wheeler)

* “ Fit TV “ Bodybuilding special featuring an inside look at bodybuilding today and it’s history. Featuring Lou Ferrigno, Cory Everson, Wayne Demilia, Frank Zane, Stan Mcquay, Craig Titus and many more,

* Gary Strydom- “Superstar of the 80’s” (made by Video Action)

* Shane Dimora- Training and posing (made by Video Action)

* John Hnatyshak- training and posing (made by Video Action)

* Vince Taylor-“Beyond the Masters” (holds nothing back as he talks about the politics and what goes on “behind the scenes” in bodybuilding)

* Tom Platz promo tape he put out while with the WBF (lots of rare gym footage and posing) RARE!

* Frank Zane and Sergio Oliva posing outdoors in 1972 (Sergio is HUGE!)

* Classic Collection #3(Reeves, Wayne, Draper, Scott, Pearl, Ortiz, Clancy Ross)

* MuscleMania extravaganza- 1985. Theatrical production featuring Samir Bannout, Tony Pearson, Kay Baxter, Shelly Gruwell and others.

* “Behind The Doors” – 2002 Olympia special from A&E

* WBF “Bodystars” TV show from the early 90’s- Vince Mcmahon’s league that lasted 2 years. I have about 4 hours worth of shows featuring Mike Christian, Berry Demey, Vince Comerford, Jim Quinn, Gary Strydom, Danny Padilla, Eddie Robinson and more. I have about 10 shows with no commercials. Includes the famous “Squat Off” between Tom Platz and Fred Hatfield. Platz squats 495 lbs. for 23 reps!


* Mike Mentzer 2 hour seminar. Only 500 copies were made. I also have the same seminar on 2 audio cd’s. RARE!

*Tom Platz- 1990 Seminar tour in England (very candid!)( includes posing routine and a hardcore workout. Lots of screaming)

* Tom Platz seminar- New Zealand 1987( includes posing)

* Tom Platz- 1993 UK seminar( includes posing by Tom, Dorian and Flex Wheeler)

* Tim Belknap and John Brown seminar (includes posing) (1984)

* Jeff King Seminar( mid-1980’s)

* Bertil Fox seminar (with bench press exhibition)( around 1986)

* How to Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press safely and effectively (Dr. Mike Hartle)

* Bodybuilding Techniques of an eight time Mr. Olympia (Lee Haney 2002 seminar)

* Pre-contest Bodybuilding Techniques ( Milos Sarcev 2002 seminar)

* Developing a Symmetrical Male Physique (Mohammed Makkawy 2002 seminar)

* Rich Gaspari and Juliette Bergman seminar (includes pumping and posing)

* Bill Pearl seminar “Integrity of Weight Training” from 2001

* Westside Barbell- “Special Strengths with Louis Simmons” seminar

* Bill Kazmair- “ Strength Training Techniques of the World’s Strongest Man”

* Developing a symmetrical female bodybuilding physique ( Laura Creavalle 2002 seminar)

* Bill Pearl 2001 seminar- “Integrity of Weight Training”

* Albert Beckles seminar

* Joe Meeko Seminar

TV appearances by bodybuilders:

* Arnold S, Mike Christian, and Rich Gaspari on the Tonight Show promoting the 1989 Arnold Classic

* Bob Paris and Rod Jackson on Oprah

* Morton Downey Jr. show from 1988- topic is steroids. Features Ted Arcidi and Greg Zulak)

* Lou Ferrigno on several tv shows to promote his 1992 comeback ( Entertainment Tonight, Tom Snyder show)

* Lots of TV clips and specials featuring Arnold S.- Promoting many of his 1980’s movies on Letterman, Carson, Leno, Barbara Walters special and more.

American Muscle Magazine TV show from ESPN:

* August 1987 (Tonya Knight hosts)- Tonya Knight’s non-weight workout, Jeff King at the 1983 AAU America, Teagan Clive interview, Teen USA coverage, Paul Demayo as a 19 year old, Scott Wilson profile, Feauture on Venice Muscle Beach, World’s and Gold’s)

* Sept. 1987- ( Bodybuilding Expo from Disneyland. Cory Everson, Comerford and Mike Quinn guest pose, Minnesota State Champ. Coverage, Berry Demey and Erika Mes guest pose, profile on Penny Price, Teenage Mr. America coverage, Francois Muse arm workout)

* Oct. 1987- ( Russ Warner classic with guest posing by Victor Richards, Cathy Paylo, Lee Labrada, Sue Mckean. Profile on Francois Muse, Profile on Darryl Stafford, Dave Draper profile with him training and great old photos, 1987 NPC Nationals highlights)

* Nov. 1987- ( AAU Mr. America coverage featuring Vince Taylor and Rich Beretta, Teri Nordaby feature, NPC Women’s Nationals coverage, Tonya Knight off season training, Shawn Ray profile)

* Dec. 1987 ( Hawaian Championships with guest posers James Demelo, Dave Hawk and Penny Price, Demelo calf workout, Dave Hawk ab workout, Hawaiin swimwear special, Shawn Ray interview, 1987 IFBB Pro Essen Grand Prix coverage)

* Jan. 1988 ( Mike Quinn and Robby Robinson guest posing and interviews, Tonya Knight leg workout, Ironman and Ironmaiden coverage, Demarko Blewett profile )

* Feb 1988 ( Raye Hollit, Charla Sedacca, Janice Graiser, Hannie Van Aken, L.A. Championships coverage, Franco Columbu feature, Phil Williams, Troy Zucolotto, Tonya Knight workout)

* April 1988 ( Samir Bannout and Robby Robinson guest posings, coverage of Arnold’s Friar’s Club roast, Tonya Knight interview, Trent Mitchell leg workout, Dean Caputo profile)

* June 1988 ( Florida Championships coverage featuring Mark banter and Jeff Poulin, 1988 Niagra Fall Pro Invitational coverage, Sandy Eisenbart feature, Trent Mitchell chest workout, Steeve Reeves clips)

* August 1988 ( Santa Cruz championships coverage, Cameo Knuer chest workout, Matt Mendenhall profile, Lee Labrada’s Olympia preparation, Rory Leidelmeyer and Mike Christian posing, Trent Mitchell Arm training)

* Sept. 1988 (Victor Richards training tip, Celini Brothers feature, Eddie Robinson Star Profile, teenage Ian Harrison chest training, Trent Mitchell mass training, Tara Dodane feature, Mandy Tanny Muscle Meals)

* Oct. 1988 ( David Dearth profile, Roger Stewart, Mike Matarazzo as an amateur, Victor Richards profile, Ian Harrison, Ms. National Fitness coverage featuring Cameo Kneur, 1988 Jr. National Mixed Pairs coverage)

* Nov. 1988 ( Miami special edition, George Betancourt, Ron Teufel, Joanne Mcartney, Gym tour around Miami, Miami University football feature)

* Dec. 1988 ( Teenage Paul Demayo, Sandra Blackie profile, Dave Pasanella powerlifting profile, Feature on John Parillo training Franco Santoriello, N.Y. Grand Prix coverage, Penny price leg workout, Ian Harrison back workout)

* Jan. 1989 ( Shawn Ray and Sean Jenkins off season training, Tony mandarich profile, Teen of the month Luis Valez, Chris Cormier, Ironman/Ironmaiden championships, 1988 Ms. Olympia coverage)

* March 1989 ( Dennis Newman profile, Samir Bannout Back workout, Sandy Ridell profile, Troy Zucolotto, Eddie Robinson arm training)

* Sept. 1989 ( 1989 Niagra Falls Pro Invitational coverage, Stoney Grimes profile, Ms. Fitness America coverage, Teen champ gary Gomez, Niagra Falls Ameteur championships)

* Oct. 1989 ( Edgar Fletcher profile, Louisiana Championships, profile on supplement kits, 1989 Mr. Olympia coverage, Cory Everson guest posing and interview, Doris Barrilleaux profile)

* Dec. 1989 ( 1989 Canadian Championships, Pro Muscle camp feature, John Terilli Arm training, Mike Neveux profile, Marjo Selin poses, Ed Robinson poses)

* Miami Special Edition from 1989 ( Roger Stewart, Mike Quinn back and Biceps workout, Eddie Robinson arm workout, )

* Special “Best of American Muscle” 1989 (San Jose Championships, Dennis Newman Star Profile, Janet tech profile, Samir Bannout back workout, Johnny Morant back workout, special on Captri)

* April 1990 ( Shawn Ray is host and does a shoulder workout, Berry Demey Star Profile, Shelly Beattie, Orange County Classic with Eddie Robinson and Sandy Riddell guest posing, Steroid discussion with Demey, Bannout, Robby,Beckles,Glass)

* May 1990 ( Lisa Lorio hosts, Palm Springs championships, Ralf Moeller Star Profile, Phil Hernon clips, 1990 Niagra Falls Pro Invitational coverage, Lisa Lorio workout)

* June 1990 ( Niagra Falls Ameteur Grand Prix, Ming Chew Star Profile, Laura Creavalle profile, N.J. State Championships, Beau Matlock, Mike Christian back workout)

* July 1990 ( Ming Chew, Dave Pasanella, Francois Muse Star profile, Pittsburgh Championships, Vince Comerford chest workout, Fitness Fashoin)

* Aug. 1990 ( Hosted by Matt Mendenhall, Carlos Rodriguez profile, 1990 Teen Nationals coverage, Jorge Bentancourt Star Profile, Joe Kozma, Matt Mendenhall Arm workout)

* Nov. 1990 ( James Demelo hosts, 1990 Mr. Olympia coverage, Mike Christian profile, special on protein shakes, Flex Wheeler Star Profile, Tournament of Champions with Dave Fisher and Craig Titus, 1990 Ms. Olympia pre-view)

* Best of 1990 ( Star Profiles on Sandy Ridell and Franco Santoriello, 1990 Ironman contest coverage, Reg Park interview, Powerlifting contest highlights, Troy Zucolotto arm workout)

* Jan. 1991 ( Sharon Bruneau Star Profile, Canadian Women’s championships, Mike Quinn and Troy Zucolotto battle of the biceps. They compete doing 100 lb dumbbell curls for reps and 255 lb. Cheat curls for 15 reps. Franco Santoriello chest workout.)

* May 1991 ( N.J. State Championships, Alphie Newman profile, Aaron Maddron, Dean Caputo, Mike Matarazzo, Flex Wheeler, Phil Hernon, Penny Price leg training, Victor Richards.

* Sept 1991 ( Muscle Mania Chicago, Fitness America Pageant, Mike Francois Star Profile, Don Ross’ Muscle beach News, Jimmy the Iron Bull Poleccia profile, Frank Hillebrand leg workout, Tonya Knight/John Romano Muscle Meals)

* Oct 1991 ( Atlanta and Philly Musclemania coverage, Fitness America Pageant, Nick Silette Star Profile, Sal Princiatta, 91 Mr. Olympia coverage, Matt Mendenhall guest posing, Dennis Newman chest workout, Lou Ferrigno signs with WBF)

* Nov. 1991 ( San Diego MuscleMania starring Dennis Newman and Danny Hester. Dennis Newman Star Profile, Providence MuscleMania, Matarazzo and Demayo guest pose, Ted Lopes Star profile, Ronnie Coleman feature, Chris Aceto and Laura Creavalle back workout)

* Jan. 1992 ( Greg Kovacs- 21 years old and 300 lbs., Andreas Munzer Star Profile, 1991 IFBB Women’s Pro World, 1991 Ironman Invitational, Serge Nubret chest workout, Profiles on lenda Murray, Bev Francis, Laura Creavalle, Sandy Riddell)

* June 1992 ( Ironman Pro highlights, Training footage by Matarazzo, Guerly and Taylor, Danny Hester and Chris Aceto highlights, Kevin Levrone “Valeo” workout)

* July 1992 ( Milos Sarcev profile, John Sherman workout, Francois Muse clip, Orange County Classic starring Phil Hernon, pre-view of the 1992 Mr. Olympia, WBF contest highlights)

* Sept 1992 ( Jan Tana Pro Show, Danny Hester Star Profile, Milwaukee MuscleMania, Steve Brisbois Profile, Scott Wells workout)

* Nov. 1992 ( Philly MuscleMania and Fitness Festival, Phil Hernon Star Profile, Paul Demayo Arm workout, NPC Southern Cal. Championships, NPC Southern States, American Gladiators vs. NFL stars)

* Dec. 1992 ( IFBB North American coverage starring Kim Chivesky, Paul Dillet, Sam Argropolous, Dave Fisher, Fitness America Regional Championships, Craig Titus Star Profile, Victor Richards profile, Kevin Levrone Valeo Workout)

* 1993- Best of American Muscle ( 1993 Ironman Pro coverage, Ralf Moeller, Vince Taylor Star Profile, Flex Wheeler arm workout)

* Jan. 1993 ( WBF special with interviews with Arron Baker and David Dearth, 1992 NPC California starring Raye Hollit, Heather Tristany, Danny Hester and Dennis Newman. Julio Noguero profile, Jorge Betancourt clip)

* Feb. 1993 ( Dorian Yates Star Profile, 1992 NPC USA coverage, Lou ferrigno Arm workout, Jimmy Mentis, Jason Arntz, Teenage Musclemania, Fitness America Contest)

* Aug. 1993 ( Chicago Pro and Pittsburgh Men’s pro contest coverage, Danny Hester Star Profile, 1993 Mr. Olympia preview, Flex Wheeler back workout, Fitness America contest, Fitness Profile on Patty Sanchez)

* Best of 1996 ( Dennis Newman’s comeback story, Vic Ojeda and Lucio Paolini profile, Amy Fadhli profile, Ronny Schweyer feature, Jason Arntz profile, Fitness America)

Women’s Videos:

Ms. Olympia contests:

* 1982 (Mclish, Elomaa, Dunlap, Baxter, Laura Combes)

* 1984 ( Mclish, Everson, Portugues, Furr, Roberts, Selin, Dunlap)

* 1985 ( Everson, Dunlap, Furr, Diana Dennis, Gladys Portugues, Lori Bowen)

* 1986 ( Everson, Furr, Bev Francis, Van Maris, Juliette Bergman)

* 1987 ( Everson, Francis, Anja Langer, Van Maris, Marjo Selin, Bergman)

* 1988 ( Everson, Langer, Tonya Knight, Francis, Bergman, Creavalle)

* 1989 ( Everson, Francis, Riddell, Selin, Paisley, Creavalle)

* 1990 ( Murray, Francis, Anja Schreiner, Creavalle, Paisley)

* 1991 ( Murray, Francis, Creavalle, Riddell, Schreiner, Beattie)

* 1992 (ESPN version hosted by Cory Everson)

* 1983 AFWB Women’s Championships (Cory Everson, Diana Dennis, Mae Mollica, Sue Ann McKean- RARE!)

* 1983 NABBA Ms. Universe

* 1984 AAU Ms. America

* 1986 IFBB Ms. International ( Bergman, Bev Francis, Erica Geisen)

* 1986 IFBB Pro Mixed Pairs ( Pearson, Bergman, Dianna Dennis, Kevin Lawrence, Chris Dickerson)

* 1988 IFBB Ms. International

* 1988 IFBB North American

* Rachel Mclish compilation tape with short clips of the 1980, 81, and 82 Ms. Olympia as well as some of her TV commercials with Holiday Spas, etc.

* Cory Everson Workout- GMV 130 (1989)

* Cory Everson Seminar and posing (1989 from Australia)

* The Best of Cory Everson (workout, seminar and posing routines from several Ms. Olympia contests and guest posings)

* Cory Everson 1982-86- WPW #137- 2 hrs. - posing, workouts and interviews * *Women’s Physique Publications- Cory Everson 1982-85 2 hrs. of rare footage

* Cory Everson- “Body and Soul”- career highlights and lifestyle video from 1988

* Cory Everson Seminar and posing from 1987- GMV 41/42 – 2 hrs.

* Michelle Rallabate- WPW #266- two and a half hours

"Joe, I'm gonna win the Mr. Olympia or die trying."-Tom Platz

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Si ça intéresse quelqu'un j'ai le mail du mec qui m'a envoyé la liste

"Joe, I'm gonna win the Mr. Olympia or die trying."-Tom Platz

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M. thanos999 ,

I am Antony a Sportsman from Italy and I'm looking for old Videos .... Have you ARNOLD CLASSIC VIDEOS Arnold Classic: 1989, 90, 91,92,93,94, 95, 97, 98 ? . I would like to buy videos from you e-mail is :

Je suis un sportifs de l'Italie et je suis à la recherche d'anciennes vidéos .... Avez-vous ARNOLD CLASSIC VIDEOS Arnold Classic: 1989, 90, 91,92,93,94, 95, 97, 98 ? . Je voudrais acheter vidéos de vous ... ma e-mail c'est :

Sincerely , salutations
Antony R.

Dernière édition par anton66 le Sam 13 Aoû 2011 09:53:10, édité 1 fois.

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Je suis très interessé
mon mail

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Hallo Mr Thanos999...

Do you know the person who have old Videos VHS Cassettes or ( DVD ) about ARNOLD CLASSIC 1989 SINCE 1999 and others ? I would like to know ths person for buying Videos ....

Antony R .

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